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Four levels of service:

Want to take care of your garden on your own, but do you want us to get you started by preparing your soil, sourcing and planting high-quality spring and fall seeds, and summer seedlings for you? If you want us to get you planted, then take it from there with advice from our newsletters and our online resources, see either our Summer Only Build, Plan and Plant or Build Plus 3-Season Plan and Plant.  Note – there are no follow up home visits included in these packages.

Want us to make sure your plants are off to a good start in the weeks after planting? Choose Build Plus 3-Season Plantings with Follow Up.

Want to add a little more help with pruning and flexibility in the crops you grow? See ourBuild Plus 3-Season Planting with Maintenanceoption.
Want regular help with pruning throughout the season including pest and disease management?  Our Build Plus 3-Season Planting with  Premium Maintenance, with more regular visits may be for you.

Benefits of packages: 

 the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s food is grown without synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides

 the nutrition (and delicious flavor) that can only come from just-picked produce

 the satisfaction of knowing you are an active participant in the sustainable food movement

 the opportunity to expose your children to the wonder and goodness of growing their own food 

 the pure fun of growing it yourself. 

Installation products we use:

5’x8’x8” raised bed(s) - Made of locally sourced 2" pine lumber. We support a local lumber mill with this purchase.

Clean, nutrient-rich soil - The soil we provide will be clean, low-weed and rich with compost and nutritive amendments to ensure the healthiest, tastiest plants. Many aspiring gardeners underestimate the expense of high-quality soil and the time/labor to transport the soil from a garden center to your garden.

Weed barrier, row cover and chicken wire - One of the secrets to the success of Fresh Start Food Gardens is the combination of weed barrier, hardware cloth & row cover. Weed barrier prevents grass and other plants from coming up through the soil. Hardware cloth prevents animals from digging up through your garden. Row cover is one of the most common tools that organic farmers use to improve yields. It is a lightweight fabric that allows light through while serving several functions:

 it prevents air born weed seeds from landing in your garden

 it moderates temperatures for the plants by keeping them warmer in the spring and cooler in the summer

 it is the best defense against moths & butterflies that lay eggs in the soil which then hatch into all sorts of caterpillars that feed on your plants

 it deters larger critters such as deer and turkeys

 it is intended to remain on greens & salad plants for the whole season. Plants that require pollination (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans) need to be uncovered when they start to flower. When it reaches that point, we recommend a fence.

Seeds & Seedlings - We provide exactly what you need to grow your garden. Our seed suppliers are GMO-free. Some seeds are organic, but not all of our favorite varieties are available as organic. No longer will you spend $200 on impulse purchases at the garden center only to find you have purchased too much or the wrong types of plants!

Next steps:

1. Order your garden package by emailing Christine@freshstartfoodgardens.com and typing the name of your package in the headline. We will send you a contract and arrange a convenient time for installation as soon as we receive payment.

2. Return a signed contract and check to FSFG LLC. Please make check payable to “FSFG LLC” and mail to FSFG, LLC, 3 Hyacinth Drive, Westford, MA 01886 and we will be in touch to schedule installation.