For the 2019 season, we are offering four levels of service, outlined in the chart below.  

Want to take care of your garden on your own, but want us to get you started by preparing your soil and sourcing  and planting high-quality spring and fall seeds and summer seedlings for you?  If you want us to get you planted, then take it from there with advice from our newsletters and our online resources, see either our Summer Only Build, Plan and Plant  or Build Plus 3-Season Plan and Plant.  Note – there are no follow up home visits are included in these packages.

Want us to make sure your plants are off to a good start in the weeks after planting?  Choose Build Plus 3-Season Plantings with Follow Up.

Want to add a little more help with pruning and flexibility in the crops you grow?  See our Build Plus 3-Season Planting with Maintenance option.
Want regular help with pruning throughout the season including pest and disease management?  Our Build Plus 3-Season Planting with  Premium Maintenance, with more regular visits may be for you.


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