Small Garden Footprint, Big Garden Love 


Since it's a party, the more the merrier.  DIY'ers can join in the fun by purchasing their own Garden PartyGoer subscription for an annual fee of $99.  As a DIY Garden Partygoer, you'll get access to the digital library plus have access to Fresh Start’s staff of educator/growers and field workers to help you make tending your garden manageable, even with the busiest of lifestyles. 

In just minutes, you will have access to the same training materials we use to teach our staff how to care for Fresh Start gardens.   No more wasting valuable hours scouring the Internet and hoping the information you find is relevant to your zone and growing conditions. This means less time at your computer and more time where you want to be, IN YOUR GARDEN.

As a DIY PartyGoer you'll also get:  

  • ​Attendance 
  •  A laminated field guide to help you easily identify insects in your garden as beneficial or not.              
  • Access to knowledgeable garden helpers to keep an expert eye on your garden while you travel. 
  • Access to premium garden building materials. 
  • Access to garden professionals who can help you troubleshoot problems in your garden.