For the 2017 growing season, we will be testing a modular 4x4' bed design which can be used on parking lots, and then moved during the off-season to accommodate snow management.  Ask about special pricing for this option.

pruning maintenance   

planting workshops 

Through a regular series of visits, we will take care of all the work behind making your garden grow and look neat and tidy as your crops flourish.

We will apply organic amendments and treatments for disease and pests, and remove unhealthy vines and branches as needed.

​​ harvest days


​Sometimes, getting your hands a little dirty is a good thing, so we'll invite your employees to plant with us when the time is right.  We'll provide gloves and tools when necessary.

With up to three seasonal plantings, there will be lots of opportunities to harvest.  We'll show your employees how to know when produce is ripe, and the proper way to pick it without compromising the plant. 

​​​​​​​617 . 803 . 3921