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To minimize interference of your grounds, and to control the high quality of our soil, our gardens are designed to sit atop your existing landscape. 

In our free onsite-consultation, we will help you identify ideal locations for your garden.  Access to water, light analysis, traffic patterns and overall visibility will all play a part in the success of your garden.

Our fully-insured crew can build your garden in any of these underutilized spaces

  • existing lawn space
  • concrete
  • parking lot


In some cases, a universally accessible design is the best option, which can accommodate wheelchair access.  High-raised beds also make for easier tending.



​Our beds can be made from locally sourced pine or premium cedar.  The beds are lined with hardware cloth to keep animals at bay, and landscape fabric to contain the soil. 

Weighted row cover tops the beds to keep weed seeds out and to discourage critters.

Our custom-blended soil mix provides for the ideal moisture and nutrient environment for the kind of intensive micro-gardening we do in raised beds. ​

The soil will be regularly tested and organic amendments will be added as nutrient are taken up by your crops.  

For the 2017 growing season, we will be testing a modular 4x4' bed design which can be used on parking lots, and then moved during the off-season to accommodate snow management.  Ask about special pricing for this option.