Standard Warm Weather Crops ONLY             OR           Warm Weather Crops PLUS Cold Weather Extension                               


Standard Summer Season with Standard Care Package - $695 for one bed / Discounts for additional beds 

Optional Spring Season Extension - $95 or one bed / Discounts for additional beds 

Optional ExtraCare Service Package- $340 for one bed / Discounts for additional beds 

   Standard Monthly Care Plan             OR          Standard  Monthly Care  Plan PLUS 4 Extra Care Visits                                

Small Garden Footprint, Big Garden Love 



Basically, there are 2 decisions to make to have our help

planting and caring for your garden this season.

What vegetables do you want planed in your garden? 

(This determines how long your season will be.)

​Each crop that we plant (see list here)  has its own requirements to grow best, for instance, some

grow best in cool soil temperatures, and some grow best in warm soil temperatures.  We’ll plant what you want when it is time to plant. 

Our standard season starts in May with the planting of warm weather crops.  These would be your tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and the like.    This comes standard and we begin service in May.   

But our recommendation is that you make the most of your garden space by upgrading to an early season extension - planting a cold weather set of crops as soon as weather permits – in April or even late March if temperatures permit- , and then a warm weather set. that way you get the most out of your garden space.   To get 40% more out of your garden with fast-growing nutritious greens and other cold weather crops like sugar snap peas, an extra round of carrots, potatoes or broccoli, you’ll want to opt-in for the season extension.   So that decision covers the length of the season and what will be planted.


How many times would you like a live garden check-up by our experienced growers?

(We will help as much or as little as you like.)

Regarding garden care, there are two options.  Our standard service is a once-a month garden check-up.  In between, you would be responsible for observing signs that your plants need attention.  As a Fresh Start Gardener, we will provide you with access to a portal of information and instructions you need to know what to do.   So the standard option is for us to come once a month between May and September  (and twice in June) and coach you virtually during the weeks in between visits. 

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you enough time to provide that care on your own, or you feel you would benefit from having our experienced growers provide care for your plants and live one-on-one  instruction for you in your garden, then you’ll want to opt-in to our Extra Care service option.  With this upgrade, you get an extra 4 garden check-ins, delivered as we deem most necessary given the seasonal weather conditions.  That means, for instance, if it is very rainy, we might need to provide extra precautions for plant disease and extra organic fertilizer for your plants.  If the weather has wild fluctuations, we take might need to extra precautions to help alleviate climate stress on your plants.

You still get access to all the resources in the portal, but you get more frequent eyes on your garden to troubleshoot potential challenges to your garden’s success.   So this decision covers how often we come and help care for your garden.