Our Mission Statement: While bringing fresh food to the dinner table, we will work tirelessly to foster united communities and relationships as well as instilling confidence in people that will last for years to come built around the fundamental values gained from growing gardens. 

What our clients have to say: 

  • "Your knowledge, service, friendliness and organic seeds/plants are priceless!" 
  • ​“I love my garden! So many veggies! You did such a nice job. I can’t believe how many fit in here. Very exciting!  Thank you!” ​
  • ​"Fresh Start made the entire process so easy and helpful. Everything was wonderful." 

​Join the growing list of employers who are taking their wellness programs to a new level with an onsite community garden. 

Improve employee morale. Foster teamwork. Control healthcare costs by promoting healthy employee lifestyle choices. Bolster your recruiting efforts. And finally, show meaningful care for the wellbeing of your existing employees. 

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With a backyard garden, families eat healthier, spend time connecting with the Earth and each other, and enjoy the real and lasting satisfaction that comes from growing food on their own.  Our experienced gardeners will get you set up with a garden, help you avoid common mistakes, and provide a much assistance as needed.      

Our Seed-to-Stomach Elementary School Program fosters curiosity of the natural world, hands-on learning opportunities and helps put students on the path to lifelong wellbeing. We also educate the children by incorporating social studies, language arts, and sciences that they learn inside the classroom. The children become excited about planting and eating healthy foods.