Bed Installations
Our 4x8’x8” beds are made from 2” thick pine, lined with chicken wire and landscape fabric and filled with custom soil mix made from a combination of natural composts and earth materials.  

Cost:  $495 for one bed  / $895 for two beds
Optional:  10” stone border to deter weeds/animals - $75 per bed

Drip Irrigation
Commercial drip irrigation installed with automatic controllable timer

Cost: $235 for 1st bed with up to 100’ mainline / $120 for each extra bed  

We install two kinds of fence: a lesser expensive, 2 piece - 4 1/2' tall semi-removable barrier option that partially attaches to the bed and partially rolls on and off when accessing it;and a 4’ hard metal perimeter fence, reinforced with chicken wire that sits 14x10’ around a single bed or 16x16’ around a double garden and allows you to move freely inside.  The base of the entire enclosure is lined with chicken wire and landscape fabric. 

Cost:  $225 per bed for semi-flexible barrier.
            $745 for a 14x10’ perimeter fence with doors / $995 for an 16’x16’ fence with doors.

Optional: 3" deep stone base inside perimeter fence to deter weeds/animals - $250 for one bed.  $400 for two beds.   


      Flexible Barrier                                                                        

                                                                                                      Perimeter Fencing 

Ways to save money

In an effort to help as many people as possible this year, we’re offering a DIY discount so that we can install faster.  Prepare the spot by leveling a 10x6’ area for each bed and save $75 per bed.  Once ready, email a photo of the prepared spot to to get on the installation schedule.

Time Estimate:  It takes one to two full days for our team to build a garden with fencing and irrigation.  
We will build gardens first-come-first served, while our supplies last.  

Gift certificates now available.

Order online by Dec. 15