​Our offerings are broken down into 3 categories – building the physical bed and optional plant support system; 5 service plans that includes as much help from an experienced grower as you wish; and optional “problem solvers” – fencing and irrigation.

Site Analysis, Land Preparation and Physical Bed Installations
Site Analysis - We start by surveying your property and analyzing the site for the best spot.   We use a software program to analyze the available sunlight and will mark off the best 2 spots for you to consider.  You will remove one set of flags, and we will build on the location that is marked off. 

Cost: A $95 house call to do this analysis will be credited to your garden purchase. 

Optional Land Preparation – We level your land, manually removing sod, rocks and roots so that your bed sits flat and so weeds will not creep up inside your bed or inside the fencing. 

Cost: $100 per bed.

Bed Construction - Our 4x8’x8” beds are made from 2” thick pine, sealed with linseed oil, lined with chicken wire and landscape fabric and filled with custom soil mix.  Made from a combination of natural composts and earth materials.  

Cost:  $595 for one bed  / $1140 for two beds

Optional:  10” stone border to deter weeds/animals - $85 per bed

Optional Trellis and Plant Support System – Set of (3) 72” custom made galvanized support columns, a trellis and plant cages, row cover and wooden weights - $130 

Service Package – We have 5 service packages that provide as much support as you like.

Drip Irrigation - Commercial drip irrigation installed with automatic controllable timer

Cost: $240 for 1st bed with up to 100’ mainline / $100 for each extra bed  


                                                                                                                                                    SUPPORT COLUMNS

                     DRIP IRRIGATION 


We install three kinds of fence: a least expensive 4 1/2’ partially flexible chew-proof barrier option that partially attaches to the bed and partially rolls on and off when accessing it,  a 4’ hard metal perimeter fence with tight weave hardware cloth that sits 16x12’ around a single bed or 18x18’ around a double garden and allows you to move freely inside, accessing through doors on each side, or a permanent wood and screen fence cemented into the ground with a single door.. .  


                     FLEX  FENCE                                     STEEL FENCE             PRESSURE TREATED WOOD FENCE 

                               Cost:  $225 per bed for flexible barrier.        

                                          $845 for a 16’x12’x4’ fence with doors / $1095 for a 18’x18’x4’ fence with doors. 
                                          Pricing on wood fence is site-dependent
                                          Sod removal and disposal is included.

Stone or Woodchip Fill 


  Optional:  Stone fill inside perimeter fence to deter weeds/animals -$475

                       Woodchip fill inside perimeter fence to deter weeds/animals - $400  

Time Estimate:  It takes one to three full days for our team to build a garden with fencing and irrigation.  
We will build gardens first-come-first served, while our supplies last.