FAQ About the Winter/Spring 2021 Leafy Greens CSA Program

What is the Leafy Greens CSA?

The Leafy Greens CSA is an opportunity to have a variety of the freshest possible hydroponic greens delivered every week, direct from the greenhouse to your door for same-day freshness.

How does a CSA work? 

CSA stands for community supported agriculture, and it is a model of supporting local growers through paying their production costs upfront to grow food specifically for you, guaranteeing that it will be available at peak freshness to you every week.  By becoming a member, you are committing to be part of the community. 

Why is this a better option than shopping at the supermarket for my greens?

It’s better for your body.  Fresh produce loses its nutritional content over time, so the less time between harvest to plate, the better.  Produce in the supermarket will always be less fresh than something delivered straight to you from the greenhouse.  It’s better for our planet. Large scale farms transport their greens across country, leaving a huge carbon footprint on our planet.  The closer you are to the grower, the less fossil fuels are needed to get that food to your plate.  It’s better for our community.  Supporting small, local farms ensures that our food supply will remain strong, which is critically important to the security of our region.   

Who runs the CSA?

The Leafy Greens CSA is bought to you through a partnership between Fresh Start Food Gardens, of Westford, and Johnny Putt Greenhouse, located in Littleton, MA.

What kinds of greens are included in my base order?

Each week, you’ll get a 10 oz. mix of hyper fresh, hyper local, loose leaf greens, made up green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, baby pea shoots and spinach, and sometimes additional varieties.  This is called a base order.  

What do the greens look like when delivered? 

They will be delivered in a sealed poly bag.  The leaves have already been cut and mixed, so preparing this lettuce will take less time than preparing a head of lettuce.        

How long will the greens stay fresh?

They will stay fresh up to 11 days in the refrigerator crisper drawer.  Rinse your greens just prior to serving.

How do I order?

Email christine@freshstartfoodgardens.com with your name, address, cell number and Venmo account, or send a check to FSFG, LLC, 3 Hyacinth Drive, Westford, MA 01886.

How do I pay for my membership?

We will send you a Venmo request for the payment.

How long is the commitment?

This is a 20-week Winter/Spring CSA for $259.   Delivery starts February 17, 2021.

How do I accept my order, do I have to be home?

You absolutely need not be home.  Please leave a cooler out and we will leave your order there.

Can I customize my base order from week to week? 

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality, most nutritious produce at the lowest cost to get to your door.  Customization adds cost to fulfill the orders, so you cannot customize the base order from week to week.

Do I need to do anything each week after I pay for my membership to start receiving my base order? 

No.  Delivery of the base order is automatic. 

Can I get other vegetables delivered with my delivery?

Yes.  Every week we will offer whatever extra crops are available from the greenhouse at a discounted rate per unit.  Greenleaf loose lettuce will be available, as will a spicy greens mix and microgreens.  We will also curate a selection of other seasonal produce and proteins from other hyper-local farms, offered at market price.  We’ve had dairy, mushrooms, meat, fruit, root vegetables, soups, entrees, and baked goods, but offerings will change from week to week, depending on local vendor availability and seasonal produce. 

How do I place my order for extra items?

A link to an online order form for delivery the following week will be emailed to you on Mondays.  Your order is due no later than Wednesdays at midnight.  Pre-payment is due by Thursday by Midnight. Your delivery will be made the following Tuesday.   If you want any of these in addition to the base order, fill out the form.  You do not need to fill out the form to receive the base delivery.

How do I pay for extras?

Your order will be tallied and you will be sent a Venmo request for the total owed. 

What is the commitment?

As a Winter/Spring CSA member, you are signing up for a one-time commitment of 20 weeks for $259, running from February 17 to June 29.  There is no commitment to renew if you are not fully satisfied.  

Can I try the greens before I commit?

After the first delivery, if you are not completely satisfied, you can request a refund by February 20 for the remaining weeks.   

Does Johnny Putt Farm use herbicides or pesticides?


Have your greens ever been subject to recall?

No. Bacteria that prompts a recall are commonly found among stockyard animals.  These factors are absent in a hydroponic environment.

What precautions have you taken to preserve the health and safety of the products?

Over and above the USDA’s guidelines for safe food handling, your drivers will be tested before each delivery shift, wear masks, and sanitize frequently. 

What happens if COVid-19 interrupts the service? 

In the event we cannot deliver due to complications caused by COVid-19, a prompt refund will be made.

I have another question.  How do I get an answer?

Please submit your question on the application form or call Christine @ 617.803.3921.  Thank you. ​