Fresh Start makes the process of building a garden so much easier. With years of experience, our growers will work with you side by side to help you implement successful growing techniques. 

Why choose us?

1. Building a garden by yourself can be very labor intensive. It takes a lot of steps to get the wood, cut it, dry it; order the soil and get it delivered, prepare sturdy supports, build them, store them; grow the plants organically so they get the best start; build a fence that works; install irrigation. At Fresh Start, we have a team of people that work efficiently to get everything done quickly. 

​2. There are a lot of questions. How deep should the raised bed be?  Can I use pressure treated wood? What kind of soil do I buy?  How will I get materials home? What plants go where? When do I fertilize? What fertilizers work? What is safe? How fast should the plants grow? How much room do I need to leave between plants? How much money will this all take? What about animals? Fresh Start has the answers to all these questions and more. 

​3. There is uncertainty on how to start a garden and there is a lot of trial and error. Most people have had a garden at one point in their life but gave up because they made mistakes and got discouraged. They wasted time and money. We help people by getting it right the first time. We’ve learned by growing hundreds of gardens in the area, facing current climate conditions, and using local plants. This is important because a lot of people go on the internet for information but learn from growers in a different part of the country where variables are different.


Children will enjoy fresh food that is healthy and beneficial for their bodies.